The First of Many

Mostly I feel safe in this city, some days, not so much. Today the president of my company, trying to be helpful, advised me to pick up some bear-spray. I completely misunderstood and in my mind the conversation went like this:

The Pres: "Alice, do you have hairspray in your purse?"

Me: *thinking: what is wrong with my hair?*
", but there's some in the bathroom"

The Pres: *looking confused*
"Oh. Well you should think about getting some. For your purse."

Me: "Oh...ok, I'll look into it..."

Meanwhile, I dart to the bathroom and realize that he must have meant BEAR spray. We had been talking about a women getting attacked downtown.


He's probably really confused as to why there's bear spray in the womens washroom.


BloodRedRoses said...

haha! just stumbled onto your blog... great first post!

ÐÄñ©ÎNg Qµ€ëÑ said...
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Movie Maven said...

HAHAHA...found your blog via 20-something bloggers. Love this.

Lyla Lou said...

Bwahaha THIS really made me laugh out loud.