The Radar

I swear he has radar. I decide I'm done with him, this whatever-it-is we have and then he calls. Or texts or sends me an msn message. Why is it that as soon as I realize that I don't need this pseudo-relationship, pseudo-bf comes flying back in as though he's been watching my every move?

"Haven't heard from Alice in a while. She didn't call me last Friday, she had fun with her friends Saturday, she went out to a sports game tonight and didn't call - she must be getting over me. Time to fly in on my "Hey-I've-Missed-You-mobile" and nip that little dis-attachment in the bud".

And the biggest question - Why Do I Still Care??

Honestly, almost two years later and we're still doing this back and forth dance: Do-I, Don't I, Does-He, Doesn't He? To say it's complicated doesn't even begin to describe it.

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