Busy Work That Sounds Complicated and Time Consuming

Each week, on Monday, I have a meeting with my boss. He is the Vice-President of the company so it can be slightly intimidating. I have to bring with me a report detailing what I completed the previous week as well as any outstanding projects, the details of what I am working on, and anything else that I may happen to be doing.

Most weeks I have a nice, long task list (thank you Outlook) all check-marks and "waiting on someone else"'s filled in nicely. Some weeks the list is longer then others. For last week my list currently looks like this:

- Proposal for Golf Tournament (In Progress)
- Fix Mr. W's Chair (Waiting on Someone Else)
- Confirm Wine Sponsorship (Complete)
- Vacation Request (New Girl) (Complete)
- Vacation Request (Me) (Complete)

I have to meet with him in T minus one hour. Must find busy work.


Ben said...

Every day, Alice. EVERY DAY.

We have a stand-up roundtable every single day where we spend 15-20 minutes talking about how busy we all are when really we wouldn't be so busy if we weren't always interrupted by 15-20 STAND-UP ROUNDTABLES!

This office will soon make my brain explode.

BloodRedRoses said...

Wow... that list looks surprisingly close to mine...

Thank God I don't have those weekly meetings! I would have anxiety attacks just putting the damn list together.

Paula said...

When my boss asks me how much work I have to do I always exaggerate. Not because I don't have anything to do - I usually have TONS - but because it's usually twenty piles of the same thing, it SOUNDS like less. And my boss always seems to want us to waste time COUNTING how much we have to do - so pointless...

Jen said...

Wow, I hope Im that good at getting things done at my job when i get one.

4 Inch Stilettos said...

You sound like a much more organized me. I should really use the task list in Outlook. I am sure it is better than the endless scribblings I do in notebooks that are scattered across my desk.

Beth said...

I hate reporting to my boss what I have done all week and what I plan on doing.

It always makes me feel like I didn't really do much.