Flower Pots and Voice Squats

You know how girls always have that cutesy romantic fantasy of making out in the rain? Maybe of getting flowers delivered anonymously to her office? Or there's the one where you get into a big screaming fight and then the girl says something controversial, and the guy yells can't you see it's because I love you? or something along those lines. I'm not sure what's sexy or fantastical about a screaming match though, so that last one may just be my twisted mind.

Anyway, last night I decided that making out in the rain was certainly not cute enough. Or perhaps I figured it was TOO cute. See, I don't really do cute/romantic/sweet. Yet, after a drunken night of two-stepping, cowboy hats and Bud (yuck - Bud sponsors the Stampede, it tastes like piss water to me) and after disrobing to hop in the shower with O/N, he pulls me outside for a little dance.

Side note: Yes. This really happened. To me. Yes I know, it's wrong and cheesy and a little horrifying.

Remember though; I am naked. He is naked. It's raining. We're dancing. Obviously we ended up getting it on in the backyard with me bent over a flower pot.

So afterwards, after the shower, we're laying in bed being idiots (we were trying to see who could make thier voice lower while saying "ohhhhh yeaaahh", like in that commercial? He obviously won, being a boy and all but I think I put in a valiant effort), and he tells me he has a song for me. Keep in mind he is drunk here. He says: "AA [my initials] I think I love you, AA, I think I love you, dah dah dum dah" to which I giggled awkwardly and changed the subject.

What can I say. Dancing in the rain and confessions of love in a song, all in one night? Too much for a self-proclaimed cynic to handle.

Oh, and I just hope his neighbors don't have telescopic-lensed cameras.


Anonymous said...

Even if this isn't your style, it's totally adorable! You've gotta indulge in the girly every once in a while, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Why am I chuckling?

rs27 said...

I went out in the rain naked once.

The cops were called.

classy & fabulous said...

sounds like a fabulous time ;P

Jen said...

Wow, I can't believe that actually happened. I didnt think that could happen in real life.

Paula said...

Perhaps SOME of it wasn't your style but sounds like you put your own unique twist on it, lol. :)

Man, reminds me how long it's been since I last got laid...

Lyla Lou said...

Even though it sometimes makes me gag, I love that diamond commercial where the guy yells out in the middle of some place "I LOVE THIS WOMAN,I LOVE THIS WOMAN..." and he hands her the diamond and she whispers "I love this man, I love this man.." I secretly want that to be me someday. Like when I'm really old and afraid I'm going to never get married. As long as it's only in your blog, sometimes its ok to like the cheesiness=) I love your blog for so many reasons, and your flower pot sex story is so relatable and brings back so many memories of my own, I have to say -thanks!

Chele said...

Oh I have those scenarios in my head all the time, mine is the one when a guy just unexpectedly shows up somewhere because he has travelled a long way to see me and asks for a second chance and I fall into his arms....yeah still waiting for that one to happen.

I loved your story...dancing naked in the it

nuttycow said...

Making out (I think this is the same as snogging? Or are you shagging here?) Anyway, whatever... sounds bloody cold to me.

Jesus. I must be getting old.

ÄsK AliCë said...

Jenniferalaine - No, I agree. At the time I thought it was totally adorable - but actually writing about it? Strange...

Deutlich - Whats not to chuckle about when it involves sex and flower pots?

RS27 - I'm sure streaking down a main boulevard is illegal

Classy & Fab - It actually was

Jen - I know. Me neither.

Paula - I like to make it my own

Lyla Lou - I know! You want to hate it, but then you just want it. I'm glad I brought back memories :)

Chele - Oh that's totally a good one! Depending on WHY he needs a second chance, but ya for sure!

NuttyCow - Snogging = making out, shagging = sex, getting it on etc.
It was warm rain, not the cold English rain!

Beth said...