I Lose

I'm sort of freaking out right now. My boss gets back from vacation tomorrow and I need to have two weeks worth of stuff to tell him that I did, when in reality my days went something like this:

8 am - Get coffee
8:14 - Check email, facebook and sign into MSN
8:49 - Read some blogs
11:10 - Refill coffee
11:13 - chat with sister on MSN
11:54 - Write blog entry
12:23 - Lunch
1:09 - Check mail, sign invoices
1:27 - Read some blogs
1:58 - Check on New Girl, make sure she's working and understands stuff
2:14 - Type letter for Land department, fax and send hard copy
3:27 - Check dating website for daily laugh
4:01 - Move papers around on desk to look like progress is being made
4:06 - Chat with sister some more
5:00 - Home time

I have our company golf tournament in three weeks. I have yet to send out the invitations although I'm thinking this might work:


The Alleged Ringleader said...

It's like an updated version of the description of the guys day in Office Space. I can't remember his name in Office Space but on Sex and the City he was "Berger".

I hate Monday already too!

Good luck girl, I am sure you will pull it off!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hmmm...your days sound oddly familiar to mine!

Maxie said...

oh i always get myself into that kind of mess-- just make it seem like the office was REALLY busy. good luck!

Falwless said...

ringleader--That would be the adorable Ron Livingston. Yummy.

Alice, you make me laugh like hell. And today is the first day of my boss' two week vacation, so I totally have a feeling I will be writing this very same post in two weeks' time. In fact, I may just copy and paste it. Thanks.

Chele said...

man i miss ¨working¨ in an office, sounds like what I used to do.

BloodRedRoses said...

I want to work at your work. Well maybe I don't want to do the 'work' part, but Free booze?? That sure as hell sounds tempting...

pistols at dawn said...

My invitation would read, "Golf: It's like a sport, but for douchebags."

AttachedMama said...

Chatting on MSN with sister shows that you're a family girl. Bosses love that, don't they?