Ask and You Shall Receive

This great advice given by Ashley from Encounters of the Human Kind

As a college senior living in Michigan, I was nervous about finding a job in a rocky economy. Luckily for me, I was willing to go anywhere. What was even more convenient is that I was highly connected through a student organization that led me to another highly connected individual in the public relations world.

Within days of meeting her I was inquiring about job opportunities within her firm. Being a global company and having dozens of offices around the world, I was hopeful that someone, somewhere was looking for an entry level employee. Contact information was exchanged and a phone call made where a second ask was thrown on the table:

"I will be in town during my spring break, will you interview me?"

Sure enough, an invitation to be interviewed was extended, followed shortly thereafter by a job offer to start after graduation.

Was it risky, flying across the country for an interview that may never pan out into full-time employment? Sure. Did it suck having to give up my last spring break ever to interview with a potential employer? Of course. But in the end – well worth it.

I had remembered the best piece of advice that anyone has ever given me: you don't receive what you don't ask for.


And this is the one piece of advice I give everyone – it applies to all aspects of life – because what's the worst that can happen? They say no. So you're right back where you started. No harm done. And now you know.

You can't be afraid to hear the word 'no.'

Be personable, friendly, and honest – and make the ask. You never know what might happen.


pistols at dawn said...

As someone who's spent five minutes in Michigan, I was also willing to go anywhere else.

(Un)popular said...

You are right about all that. That was very motivational.

Stilettos and Nostalgia said...

Great advice. I made the same trip, but across the ocean instead. Worked out wonderfully, though!

Well done.

Paula said...

So was it worth the risk???

Alexa said...

and to think you ended up in cleveland ashley : )

Ashley said...

pistols - yeah, unless it's your home it's most definitely not the best place to be in this economy.

(un)popular - thanks! I was very blessed.

Stilettos - it's scary, but makes you a better person.

Paula - 100% worth the risk

Alexa - it wasn't the journey I expected, but wouldn't change it for the world!!

Anonymous said...

That IS good advice.

I typically just tell people to marry rich.