Paradise Hunter

Aka: my DREAM job!

I just found out about this competition and it's absolutely freaking perfect! It's to be the host of a travel show called Paradise Hunter. The cut-off for applying is today and since I only just found out about it, I submitted my video yesterday - eep!

I need your help - please click the link, watch my video and vote for me! You can vote once a day for the next week and since I'm really late applying, I need all the help I can get:

This would be the most amazing thing ever, so c'mon click through and vote!

PS - you don't have to put your name and email address in, just the verification code and hit vote. Thanks everyone!


sarahdotcom said...

Voted for you lovely, and will continue to do so. Good luck!

P said...

Voted! good luck! Shall vote again tomorrow if I remember (bit tipsy right now) xx

BeckEye said...

I voted and will keep voting. Good luck!

Mega said...

I voted, damnit.

jules said...

Just fond your blog. I tried to vote, but its over. Good luck! I'm suddenly unemployed and wish everyone the best in finding their dream jobs!

jules said...

Darn. I wanted to vote for you but it was over. As someone who is very suddenly unemployed, I'm wishing everyone all the best in finding their dream jobs!