A Rant

Every office has a few "stereotypical" charactors. At least all of the offices I've worked in do (that would be two offices total...yup, expert over here). One such person is the bitter, practically retired, single older woman (usually an AA or EA or secretary).

I was lucky enough to have this stereotype as my assistant in my first office job ever (I kid you not. Can we say awkward?) That lasted all of three months. And me thinking "wow is this what working in an office is like? No thanks". She could complain about anything and everything and she DID. Things you wouldn't even think made a difference in anyone's life, she would complain about. For example there was a paperclip on the floor one time and she went on and on about how the cleaners must not be doing their jobs and I should write them a letter etc.

No, really.

Then they fired her and all was good in the world.

Anyway, now at my job the Presidents assistant is this exact woman reincarnate. Only worse I think. She treats everyone in a "lower position" as if they are the dumbest person she's ever been unfortunate enough to encounter. It's not what she says it's how she says it.

"Oh. Well it would have been REALLY great if you could have let me KNOW"

Look, just because you are unhappy with the way your life turned out; stuck in the same job you started in, only with a glorified title and extra "busy" work; never got married because you were above all that; can't believe you never took that trip/bought that house/took that job/risk; just because you have to point out flaws in others to be able to ignore the flaws in yourself; just because you are going to be alone, miserable and bitter for the rest of your life; it does not make it okay to make everyone else's lives miserable.

Thank you. I'm done.

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Paula said...

I know so many people like this - it's actually frightening!