Las Vegas - I Love You

We got back from Las Vegas late last night and I have a golf tournament early tomorrow morning so this will be a brief pictorial essay of the trip only - more to come!

Can I first just say that I freaking adore Vegas: bottle-service, free champagne, open bars, stretch Escalade Limousines, hot NYC Firefighters (um AND cops), New York and New Jersey accents ("Ya he's my cuz! Fuggedaboudit!"), delicious food, Vodka and the beach at Mandalay Bay?

Alright, now for some pictures:

Our view of the "beach";
so-called because they trucked in 14 acres of sand

Beach + Hot Lifeguards + Beer + Sunshine
= Alice in Heaven

Delicious Pannacotta at Wolfgang Puck's Restaurant
Trattoria de Lupo

Self Portrait

Our ride to Rain at the Palms
No big deal

I have lots of stories to tell
and about a mess-zillion (see what I did there?) pictures were taken but for now I'm heading to my own bed for the first time since surviving a week in Vegas


Some Guy said...

I hope in this case what happened in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. I look forward to all the dirt.

Matt said...


I am going to be in Vegas this Friday. This post totally pumped me up!

Andhari said...

Those look like fabulous times! Begas is like a different universe that's made of 100% fun. I would love to be there.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

I'm loving this! You look so fab too! can't wait to hear what ACTUALLY happened!!

Dr Zibbs said...

Glad you're back and I love Vegas and the Mandaley Bay.

And I gave you a shout out on my blog.

diane said...

The "beach" is awesome, and a little creepy.

Mich said...

sounds like you had a blast!!!!!!

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